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The Descendant PC Game Download Full Version

What is The Descendant ? This is an adventure game developed by a studio called Gaming Corps . PC games of this genre are among the most popular games in the world. It is enough to mention such famous titles as, for example, a whole series of adventure games under the common slogan “Broken Sword”, or even the newly created series, created by Telltale Games studio, called “The Walking Dead”. TWD is based on a comic book and a series of the same name and takes place in the same universe as them.

The Descendant PC Game Download Full Version

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It is no coincidence that the series “The Walking Dead” was mentioned here. It has a lot in common with The Descendant, namely both of these positions are episodic games. What does it mean? The fact that both products have been divided into episodes, into parts, something like individual episodes of a given series. While in the case of “The Walking Dead” we had to wait several weeks for the release and the possibility of downloading the next episode, The Descendant Downloadmeans that we will get all parts of the game into our hands at once. However, unlike the counterpart happening in the zombie world, in The Descendant we will get as many as two heroes under our control, namely a woman dealing with those who are in cryogenic chambers in a specially adapted fallout shelter and a man who – many many years later – he will try to discover what happened in the aforementioned facility.

This man was not among the people who were looked after by the second main protagonist of the game, but he saved himself in the same way, so you can call him her descendant – the Descendantexactly. This is not enough. The world is in chaos. The apocalypse caused not only sharp climate changes, but also – as you can easily guess – contracted the natural resources of our planet. The fight for them has led to a global conflict, so we have not only the secret from hundreds of years on our minds, but also the war itself. It got interesting, right? Let’s add the so-called Arks, i.e. places where only people who survived the Apocalypse and their secrets are, and we will have a full picture of our situation. These arcs are places where there were cryogenic chambers similar to those in which we managed to survive.

The Descendant tells both the fate of Mia, who deals with people from the chamber in Ark marked as Ark number 1, and the aforementioned man. Donnie was sent to the site of Ark 1 to find out why it did not open like the rest of the Ark. It turns out that this was not a coincidence, but the result of a conspiracy to completely eliminate the human race.

What is the mechanic in The Descendant Download? Every now and then we come across logical puzzles or a simple dexterity challenge that we have to solve, and solving them reveals new elements of the puzzle, new parts of the mystery from the past, many years ago. In addition, of course, as befits a decent adventure game, we explore locations, that is, we move around them and look for items of interest to us, besides, we talk to people we meet, trying to learn from them as much as possible about Ark 1 and the entire Apocalypse. However, we must remember that – just like in the case of the games under the sign of “The Walking Dead” – the game presents us with many choices, and we will feel their consequences until the very end of the game. Interestingly, this also applies to the interaction between the characters – if Mia decides to do something, we, as Donnie,

The Descendant PC Game Download Full Version

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