The design of the Vivo S6 5G Unfold With the Main camera-48MP –


Timlo.netVivo S6 5G is scheduled to take place on 31. March 2020. Earlier revealed, if smartphone it has two cameras selfie. Now, the company is the design of mobile it in the photos-promotion is revealed. Smartphone it looks, held Ambassador Brand it, Turbo Liu (Liu Haoran), star Mandarin was 22 years old.

On the photo it looks like there are four cameras are in the back. Three of them are arranged vertically. While the camera of the fourth on the right side. The fourth camera placed in a circle. To unravel Vivo, if smartphone it has a sensor main-48MP, GSM Arena Monday (23/3).

The arrangement of the camera was similar to the mobile-Vivo other. The design is like a fusion of the circle NEX-3 and in-vivo S1 Pro. It is a dual-LED flash at the bottom of the circle.

In the left part of the three cameras, it is a letter, “48MP” with some other writings. From the official page of mobile phone sales in, are you looking for two variants of color: gradient Pink-Blue-White-gradient-Dark-Blue-and-White.

Registration Pre-order for the vivo S6 5G is opened. Pre-order for smartphone it will be opened on the date of publication. But the delivery of the goods has not been revealed by the company.

Editor : Ranu Ario