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The desperate cry of a youtuber sick with ALS to interview Shakira and Piqué

This weekend Shakira and Pique they have mysteriously become trending topic. The reason was the request made on the social network Twitter by the “activist and youtuber”, as it is defined, Jordi Sabaté Pons. The young man, who conducts interviews with influential personalities in the country, would love to interview the couple for his YouTube channel.

jordi sabaté pons

Six years ago this content creator was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that prevents him from moving, speaking, eating, drinking and breathing normally. On Twitter he has 65,000 followers, There he announces his next interviews and shares the links of the videos in order to reach a greater number of people.

His fans and many strangers they have turned upside down with this request making the viral hashtag in a matter of minutes. He stayed in first position throughout the afternoon / evening of Saturday. Jordi Sabaté wanted to thank everyone who had helped him achieve his goal.

The youtuber allocates all the money obtained from these interviews to the ALS investigation. “PLEASE HELP ME! I would love to interview Shakira and Gerard Piqué together for 10 minutes with my eyes to monetize the video and allocate the money to ELA research.”, wrote this Friday. Right now his disease has no cure and his idea with this interview would be to obtain a significant collection. “10 minutes of your time can save lives!“, he assured.

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