The detail in the house of KJ Apa who reveals his unconditional love for Cole Sprouse (‘Riverdale’)


KJ Apa, who gives life to Archie Andrews in ‘Riverdale‘, is located in his home in Vancouver with his girlfriend, model French Clara Berry.

The couple has moments of pure energy, and that is that during the confinement there is to let out the adrenaline. And during a fun video of both giving it her all with a rock song, the fans have realized something more.

And that is when KJ focuses on your bookshelf, it can be seen in a privileged place how has framed a portrait professional of Cole Sprouse and Charles Melton, his friends Jughead, and Reggie in the series., and that you can see in the video of the news.

This fun and loving tribute to their peers has fascinated fans of ‘Riverdale’.

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