The detail of the Doctor Strange trailer that may mean something else

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has become the new favorite obsession of Marvel fans. Especially as there is new information about its plot and its eventual impact on the franchise. After his first trailer was included as a post-credits scene in the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, the speculation does not stop.

From the possibility of multiple variants of Strange and other characters to a new multiversal landscape. What is clear is that the film opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities. That while its importance in the superhero saga increases exponentially.

But even though the first trailers showed parts of amazing sequences, the really interesting thing seems to be in the details. In particular when the movie seems to be based on the fact of some mental or physical evolution of Strange. Judging from the trailer, there are at least two variants of the character. And to that, we should add a third, Strange Defender that has come to light in the first images of merchandise associated with the film.

This has made a good part of the fans dedicate time and effort to detail each image available. And that has brought in some interesting revelations. Like for example, that the already famous levitation cloak of Doctor Strange from the official timeline has changed. Or at least, you can notice some essential mods that surprised the fans who discovered them.

In a shot of the trailer it can be seen that the Cloak (until now of a uniform red color), now exhibits a blue patch in the center of Strange’s back. This is shown by the image it collects @BwithCinema in one of his Tweets. This is the first time that the character’s iconic outfit has received a major modification, although there is no explanation, for now, why.

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