The details of Alberto Fernndez’s trip to China that irritate the US

Everything indicates that when Alberto Fernandez arrives in Beijing next February 4, Argentina will not have yet closed the agreement for the debt with the IMF, although the president will launch from Beijing a very strong geopolitical signal that will irritate the United States: the photo with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the opening of the Olympic Games and the start of an official visit.

Alberto Fernández’s trip to China began to take place more than a year ago and is now closed with the last details. For protocol measures against Covid from Buenos Aires a small official entourage will come out of no more than 15 people who will accompany the President under a very strict bubble scheme but without going through quarantine.

Alberto Fernandez’s visit to China will be a political signal to the United States because the administration of Xi Jinping is harshly confronted from the commercial and political with Washington. But the government assures that the trip is part of “balancing diplomacy” that Argentina is looking for. Alberto Fernndez’s move is very daring since the United States has a strong weight to close or not the agreement for the debt with the IMF.

“Beyond the agreement with the IMF for Argentina, the relationship with China is very important and strategic. That must be understood by the whole world including the United States,” said a close friend of the President who will travel to Beijing in February.

According to The chronicler sources of government hierarchy, the trip to China will take place between February 5 and 8. Alberto Fernndez participate in the opening of the Olympic games and an official banquet to be offered by Xi Jinping for 10 other invited presidents. Only the Argentine president traveled from Latin America, the American was not invited Joseph Biden and of the European Union only two heads of state will be in China, which also represents a strong political gesture of the communist administration towards the world.

Another piece of information to take into account on the trip: Alberto Fernández will hold bilateral meetings in Beijing with various presidents, including Russian Vladimir Putin, and then stay for two days to begin an official visit with senior meetings of the Chinese government and a meeting alone with Xi Jinping.

The chancellor Santiago Cafiero together with the Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Bliz and the ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, they finalize the details of the visit in which to contemplate a review of the bilateral issues, the investment proposals with 17 projects that Argentina plans and all this will take place within the framework of the 50 years of commercial relations between both countries.

The government assures that the decision of Alberto Fernndez to preside over CELAC, Washington’s critical regional body, is also an issue of strong geopolitical weight because China has a political strategy of strong economic, financial and political rapprochement in the region.

It is anticipated that on the trip to Beijing Presidents Alberto Fernndez and Xi Jinping sign Argentina’s formal entry into the ambitious Chinese Silk Road program. It is a strong commitment by China to deploy investments in infrastructure, trade and defense cooperation throughout the world. This program was flatly rejected by the United States and the European Union is reluctant to sign it.

The roadmap for the trip to China also includes the signing of general agreements with various Chinese ministries in the framework of cooperation in agriculture, science and technology, health, production and defense, among others.

It will include announcements of investments by Chinese companies that range from the purchase of reactors from INVAP to investments in Argentine unicorns and the highlight: the decision of both countries to move forward with the construction of the IV nuclear power plant in Zrate with strictly Chinese technology by an investment value of about $ 8 billion.

Within the framework of the Strategic Dialogue for Economic Cooperation and Coordination, which is the establishment where the 17 financing projects proposed by Argentina to China will be discussed, the “Integrated Five-Year Plan” will be planted.

There appear the following projects investment development of China in Argentina: the Nuclear power plant IV, the rSouth companies Kirchner and Cepernic, the Works system gas pipelines, the rrehabilitation system Ferrocarriles lnea San Martn, the rrehabilitation system Railroads line Roca and Belgrano Cargas, the Modernization plan railway networks, the plant development project drinking water treatment and aqueducts, the photovoltaic park Cauchari 4 and 5, the pSources: Chaco / Corrientes- Santa Fe / Paran, los corredores vials and improvements, connectivity programs and fiber optic, ortransmission bras and electrical distribution, the Zarate-Centrales Energy Pole electrical programs living place and habitat and elico park Cerro Arauco.

In the document rotated from Buenos Aires to Beijing appears Item 18 under a heading that says “others to define / Chinese proposal”. Some of the aforementioned works have already been in negotiations for many years, even since Vice President Cristina Kirchner signed the comprehensive strategic alliance with China as president in 2010. Although there are also proposals that lack details in the title.

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