The details of the celebration of the birthday of the Best of autumn | the player transform is 28 years old


28-year-old birthday, I have a date, according to the newspaper L’equipe. Should the player celebrates on 2. February. This is different, however, the celebration can not move, to not expect low-key and intimate.

In addition, the publication, which is the theme of the party the “night of the white’, in a night-club in Paris, France. The records of the anniversary of the social networking need Websites in order to avoid more discreetly in order to problems.

The sound is Maiara and you MaraĆ­sa Rodriguinho e) the package promises, in the guests. In addition to the family and friends, and some of the guests Matheus Mazzafera, ex-BBB, Munik Nunes, and model Izabel Goulart are, according to columnist Leo Dias, the.

On Tuesday (may 04), paris saint-germain FC is playing against the Savior at the last supper.