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November 24, 2021 – 02:21
Health authorized the 100% capacity for Gimnasia-Central Norte. For security, the Martearena will only be enabled for about 14,000 people

The Ministry of Health of the Province confirmed the capacity of one hundred percent public presence at the Padre Martearena stadium for the single match for the semifinal instance of Federal A that will be played by Gymnastics and Tiro and Central Norte, next Sunday, with schedule to confirm. But last night it was made clear that for security reasons only around 14,000 people were allowed to attend the game stage, divided into 7,000 for each club.

The decision to lower the attendance of the public deprived them of seeing a full stadium, although the determination obeys to maintain an order, taking into account that as exclusive protagonists they will be face to face defining their fate two Salta teams in the third category of Argentine football.

With respect to other organizational aspects for a sporting event of such magnitude, the match requires that nothing is left to chance.

In an effort to learn more about the health situation in times of a pandemic, it was necessary to consult the health authorities of the province. with regard to concurrency. Dr. Juan José Esteban, Minister of Health, spoke with El Tribuno to publicize the new measures for the presence of people at the Padre Ernesto Martearena stadium. “Its a classic. And the capacity is confirmed that it will be one hundred percent. Only the legal instrument is missing, a resolution that will come out these days. We have spoken with the Minister of Tourism and Sports and the measure has to be official ”, he confirmed. The official stated that “there are three considerations that must be met to the letter. People over 18 years old must have 2 doses of vaccines to enter the stadium, while those under 18 years old with just one dose will be enough. The use of the chinstrap will also be essential because in a match of this nature it will prevent viral transmission, which can be caused when a goal is shouted or in the chants that people sing during the development of the game. We also recommend the use of alcohol gel for each individual, anticipating the consumption of meals and which is very important as a sanitizer ”. The minister added: “The responsibility and conscience falls to each person for this occasion and in a transcendent party, according to the recommendations that can be disseminated.”

What demands, among other aspects, what is related to a meeting between millionaires and jet, for today in the Federal Council a meeting was scheduled with the presidents and delegates of the four clubs that qualified to play the semifinal phase of Federal A.

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