The Details of the War That Demi Lovato Started Against a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Demi lovato.

It all started when the singer accused the establishment of “unleashing” her eating disorder and assured her that she had an unpleasant experience

Demi Lovato has had an incredible year, just a month ago she released her powerful documentary on YouTube where she spoke without filters about the overdose she suffered three years ago where she almost lost her life. However, he is now facing controversy with a yogurt shop, after claiming that he had a bad experience at his establishment.

The problem began two days ago when the 28-year-old actress also wrote on her Instagram story about the bad time that happened at The Bigg Chill, a place that sells frozen yogurt. According to the singer, as a person recovering from an eating disorder, it is extremely difficult to order on the spot as they offer tons of sugar-free and diet options at the establishment. The singer also called the place “diet vultures.”

To this, The Bigg Chill responded in their Instagram stories explaining that they offer these types of products to people with diabetes, vegans, and those who have an intolerance to certain ingredients. He also sent a direct message to the singer where they told her that for the last 36 years they have cared about their clients. “We are sorry you found this offensive,” wrote the yogurt chain’s official account.

The “Sober” interpreter was not happy with the response received and continued attacking the chain through her Instagram. “Maybe they could make it clear that sugar-free options are for diabetics. The message is not clear and it is confusing, ”he wrote.

The next day she shared a video in which she explained that she was not attacking small businesses, but that the situation was difficult for her and raised her voice. In addition, he also recognized that he had reacted to a situation without having all the necessary information.


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But the problem did not end there because, despite the video in which the singer apologized and acknowledged that she had acted impulsively, the TMZ medium revealed the direct messages exchanged between the singer and the yogurt shop, which did not make a very good impression on her. From mine. 

“That post is from 2016. We haven’t had those products in years,” the account writes in response to the image shared by the singer. “I’m sure I saw all the flavors,” Demi replied, “they don’t want to mess with me. They are wrong and the customer is always right, “continued the singer.

The revealed messages made the networks react to the way Lovato expressed herself which quickly made her a topic of conversation.


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Reactions in social networks have not been left to wait, some celebrities like  Jamila Jamil sided with the interpreter of “Dancing with the Devil”, however many users saw it wrong that Demi was behind small businesses in the middle of a pandemic that has affected the economy of millions and they criticized the exaggerated criticism of the singer for exploding against this product.


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