The dinheirão of the contract, and the quality of the squad, for the reasons James Rodriguez to go to the Monaco grand prix


James Rodriguez, the as Monaco

James Rodriguez, the as Monaco. GETTY IMAGES

On the Saturday, and in a new interview, this time to a figure in the world of football such as Rio Ferdinand, a star of the colombian revised several times in his career for the european clubs.

The leaf of the life of James Rodríguez and the rest of steps by the european clubs like Porto, Monaco and Bayern Munich. In addition to the two times in which he lived, in Madrid. Some of those times, and the number ’10’ in the Selection of Colombia, and on Saturday in English, Rio Ferdinand.

The chapter on the whole series in Portugal, the arrival of the prince, and even an option to have argued in the past with Manchester United, and it went over Well Day.

James Rodriguez: “When you play with the shirt of the Selection from Colombia, I have the power.”

* * * The arrival to the Port
“18-year-old arrived in Porto, I was very young. I had Falcao Garcia’s Fredy Guarín, and, in addition, there were seven in argentina. It was so easy for me…. In the first two months, I’ve played it a bit when it comes to the other continent, you will have to change to be more responsive, it took a little bit of this, and the football here is very fast. When I started out, I played it a little, then more, and more. This year, we ranked in the Uefa, we won the League, fa Cup, Uefa super cup candido de oliveira. It was nice to be in my first year in Europe. The who helped me was Fredy, and the ‘Tigre’ Falcao”.

Zinedine Zidane: “I’m not going to coach for 20 years, and I’m going to remove it before anything can happen.”

*Manchester United?
“There have been talks in the past. My agent, Jorge Mendes, has a good relationship with the club. Manchester is a club who I have always regarded it since a very young child, I saw all of those pieces of equipment, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinan. However, you will not be able to get in there, I didn’t, and, finally, I went to the prince’s castle just prior to the World Cup”.

Bernard baruch Spinoza, and you are left without a leader for the technical and Life has been removed

*A trip to Monaco
“Why Monaco? It’s a very good question. He was 22 years old when I went to France, they had a new project, bringing in top players. Hawk, John, Abidal and many more. I was young, I could learn from these people. In addition to that, for my age, I had a good contract, a contract that was top, really good. My thought was to get to be in a few years there, I went to the World cup, I have a big squad, a good World Cup, and then gave the ticket to Madrid”.


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