The Dipy insulted León Gieco and repudiated him on the networks: “Anti patria”

The Dipy attacked through social networks Leon Gieco for defending the claim of the Mapuche people, this occurs in the midst of a great escalation of violence in the south of the country that claimed the lives of Elijah Garay, a young man from that community who was killed by alleged hunters in Cuesta del Ternero.

“Title of this tweet:” Left-handed, kirchnerista and anti patria “. Hello León Gieco, beautiful your beanie with the Mapuche logo and what you have written on the wall. Come one thousand …”wrote the irreverent tweeter, and accompanied the message with captures of a video of the singer-songwriter, a tireless human rights fighter, where he is seen wearing a cap with the Mapuche flag. As expected, it was widely repudiated by many Twitter users.

This weekend, León turned 70 years old and was recognized by great figures of Argentine culture with a great recital at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) that lasted almost 3 hours.

Pilsen premieres the video for “Nonsanto” with León Gieco

Pilsen, the punk group founded by the late Pil Chalar, premiered on digital platforms the official video for “Nonsanto”, with the leading and leading voice of León Gieco, summoned by the former leader of Los Violadores to give greater visibility to a cause that he had taken as his own.

The video, devised by the singer with the support of the Filmódromo audiovisual team, alternates images of the group live with others of popular mobilizations against the multinational Monsanto.

“You cannot be the builder when you left (or are still) a destroyer, or supposedly contribute for a new and better world when the past has been stained with Agent Orange. Decades ago the powerful support for the US war effort in World War II in the reprehensible Manhattan Project … Heavy antecedents if any, “said the singer, in archival statements released through a statement.

The benchmark of Latin American punk and winner of a Gardel Award for his latest album “Meat, Land and Blood “he added:” As for the standing citizen, what? It provides more food for the world but not food. The studies confirm it: the agrochemical giant and its products are not to be trusted. “

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