The disappointing return of Frazier’s star is bad news for the final reboot’s original fixers.

Laura Linney’s update regarding Charlotte’s possible appearance in a revival of Frasier is disappointing to those who were hoping for a proper resolution to the original show’s final cliffhanger. Kelsey Grammer returns to the small screen as Frasier Crane, who returns to Boston. However, there are legitimate questions about what happened to him in Chicago after he followed Charlotte on the original show’s last episode.

Speaking to Metro UK, Linney said he had no idea about Grammer and Paramount+’s plans to revive Fraser. She also claims she doesn’t know if she will appear on the show as Charlotte, which essentially means she won’t be there given that production on the first season has already wrapped. Read his full quote below:

“Not that I know! (…) I love this whole group of people, so I would… I have no idea what their plans are. They hide it.”

To put this into context, Charlotte was Frazier’s latest love interest in the Cheers spin-off. At the end of his run, he planned to move to San Francisco after receiving a job offer as a TV show host. It was only revealed at the last minute of the series that he had decided to follow Charlotte across the country to Chicago and quit his lucrative West Coast job to be with her. However, Fraser’s original series never revealed what happened after he arrived in the Midwest.

Because Frazier moved to Boston for the revival, it’s unclear what happened to him and Charlotte. According to Grammer, he spent a significant amount of time in the Windy City before deciding to return to New England. Grammer promised that Frasier’s revival would reveal something about the character’s time in Chicago, but since Charlotte did not appear, it is likely that it will be done from her point of view. It would be nice to see some flashbacks, but that doesn’t seem to be in the plans.

Just because Charlotte doesn’t appear in the first season of Frasier’s revival doesn’t mean she’ll never be in the reboot. If Paramount+ decides to order more seasons of the show, then Linney could be reprising her role. Whatever it was, it looks like she is ready to return to the project. Perhaps her return could even lead to a revival of their romance.

Source: Metro UK.

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