the disc “does not contain a playable title”

A journalist advises that the system will not run the game until this initial download is complete.

We’ve had enough fun since the premiere of the multiplayer mode from Halo Infinite, but the community is already eager to test the game’s campaign. Although the online continues to improve with a new experience system that affects the first few games, players want to don the Spartan outfit and fly into it. Zeta ring, but the network has highlighted a very particular aspect of the physical edition by Halo Infinite.

This will be the first Halo game that you cannot own as a standalone copy.John linnemanJohn Linneman, a journalist for Digital Foundry and Eurogamer, has had the opportunity to experience the new adventure of the Master Chief ahead of time, and in this adventure he has noticed that the Halo Infinite album requires an additional download to start playing. Linneman explains that his biggest complaint about Halo Infinite is that “the disc does not contain a playable title“, since the system does not run the game until the download occurs.

“This will be the first Halo game that you cannot have as a standalone copy. This is not a good trend and I hope Microsoft will reconsider this kind of thing,” the journalist concluded in his tweet. After all, this initial download forces us to connect to the internet to start our first game, which could leave a disk unusable if the servers stop allowing the download of content in the distant future.

Despite this, there is no doubt that Spartans from all over the world are awaiting the arrival of December 8, tomorrow, to begin your adventures in Halo Infinite. Until then, we can squeeze these last hours into its multiplayer mode, which will soon include more anti-hack measures and a good handful of hidden modes. If you still do not know the details of the imminent adventure of the Master Chief, you have at your disposal our analysis of Halo Infinite in which we highlight its nostalgic component and the exquisiteness of its shooter mechanics.

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