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Months have passed since its premiere, but once netflix movie is still the focus of a debate among its members that occupied social networks. The production of horror and suspense is not necessarily one of the bloodiest among the catalog of the popular streaming platform, but one of his scenes left a strong impression on his viewers.

unusual is a good word to define Two, the Spanish production that came to Netflix to show its suspense plot that has little in common with other films of the genre. Defined as a thriller by Netflix, its synopsis reports that “two perfect strangers they wake up naked and joined by the abdomen. But when they discover the person behind the twisted act, they are even more horrified.“.

Tarragona Sea, the director of the film, does not walk with subtleties: The opening scenes throw the audience squarely into the terrifying situation facing David (Pablo Derqui) and Sarah (Marina Gatell), with the two protagonists waking up disoriented to discover their painful situation: while they were unconscioussomeone had sewn them together. Lying on the bed, they cannot make even a tiny movement because it causes them excruciating pain.

what follows are 71 minutes of confusion, awkwardness and mystery as the two strangers navigate through pain to stay alive, forced to share their innermost secrets in an attempt to resolve their dilemma. But the premise of the film was not what caught the attention of users: Despite the confusing situation they find themselves in, the couple begins to connect physically and ends up having sex.

The secret that the two protagonists discover caused rejection among Netflix audiences.

After noticing that her captor was watching them, Sara discovered that his captor turned off the light when she and David became romantically close. After proving her theory with a kiss, the woman throws herself into the arms of her cellmate. in an uncomfortable erotic scene. To aggravate the twisted encounter, at the moment of reaching climax the couple has an epiphany: They’re twins, separated at birth and reunited by a mysterious kidnapper.

The reaction of critics was not favorable towards the Spanish film, which brought together a low 39% approval among users of Google, a 20% among netizens on Rotten Tomatoes, and was called “a boring and illogical thriller which lasts an excruciating 71 minutes, and not excruciating in a good way either“by the experts in the middle Movie Nation.

Netizens took to social media to voice their opinions as well, with most users classifying the film as a disappointment. “Never watch a movie on netflix called two, how bad. Nausea gave me” Y “The end does not justify all the effort to which the plot exposes its protagonists. I love Spanish cinema but here I was disenchanted“were some of the user reviews on Twitter.

Despite the bad reviews, the interest in the Spanish thriller was great, positioning the film as the fifth most watched title on Netflix globally at the time of its release. For viewers with a stronger stomach, the film is available on Netflix.

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