the disturbing carnival of Campo de Criptana


Hard to describe: desmemória after crossing the border from the classy and the kitsch. Without any kind of relevance, thoughtfulness, and respect“. How to speak with the museum at Auschwitz, followed on Twitter, half a million people.

The video that comes with this is a hard message to begin with, the army of the generals of the SS parading around playfully while playing a song what’s my name?. The military is out of the way and give way to a wagon, with the two chimneys of the crematoria, of a golden menorah, and in the center of a big, sexy valkyrie holding a staff with the flag of the nazi, meneándose to the sound of the music. Cut to: a bunch of teenagers, disguised as a pair of pajamas from the stripes to the custom transparency, and the purple, while still at the party.

According to the official PARADE of the CARNIVAL of the REGIONAL 2020 – CAMPO DE CRIPTANA”, one of the 120 groups you have been added to the show, titled “HOLACAUSTO” (sci) what they found was that the subject matter would cause some kind of controversy. Nor are the family members of the participants, or to the thousands of people that are estimated to have participated in any way in those actions. The Cultural Association of The Students Of the Tables in the Basinwas on the day following the day of the celebration, at the center of all the criticism and condemnation of internet users, who are covering same-day delayed broadcasts of the show.

While Santiago Says the mayor of the city, and has advocated for the proposal she started as a tribute to the victimsthe bottom line is that the show will not he transmitted it with a lot of hit on this idea. The German army is shown as the victor so much for the animation, its participants as well as by the size and the glorification of the symbols at the top of the float. The dance of the young girls, teenagers to comfortably enjoy the water -, mineral -, or the figure of the mobile carried by the two grey-headed chachalaca, manchegas who say “the BURNT-offering BC STUDENTS,” the sad fate of the jews is, in a sense, trivializado.

In accordance with the For a weekly Spotthe mayor asked for “apologies to anyone who may have been able to, if you feel offendedalthough, as in other similar cases, if the question is as far as where they should come to the limits of freedom of expression“. The Embassy of Israel in Portugal, has had his conviction for making “provocative of the six million jews murdered by the nazis”. On the page of the Facebook of the cultural association involved with can be viewed as to the back of one of the floats could be read: “in memory of the six million men, women, and children of jews who perished in the Holocaust,” and to those who have suffered from the effects of the “persecution and extermination because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin or political views”.

While in the a video is already deletedthe performance was accompanied by the release of air and smoke, which, he added, he is still a closer resemblance to what was experienced by the victims of the nazi genocide.

The time it was not the best during the last carnival, there was another rally of the nazi era, even though there is a change to the in the belgian city of Aalst. Here, the tone is even more clearly anti-semitic: if you painted a picture of the jew as a caricature of a head height, and the gigantic hats of the orthodox, followed by the rats, and the piles of money. A year earlier, the Unesco had taken this event to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage for its “recurring representations of the racist, anti-semitic,” but right now, many of you are afraid of being alone in the beginning of a new wave of anti-semitism it had been left behind.