The DM message Instagram Will be Deleted?

181 – Instagram is preparing a new feature on the service, a short message or a Direct message (DM). This feature allows messages that were sent in, and disappears automatically after the user closes the page a message.

Jane Manchun Wong, a specialist reverse engineeringclaimed , the first discovered the feature through the code with the inscription “speak no evil” hidden in the lines of code Instagram.

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Jane also showed this feature on the moving images that he has created, via his personal Twitter account.

The image in the GIF format, the Jane screen, Direct message, nuanced dark. On the screen Jane was to send some short messages. After writing several messages to the Jane soon, the screen leaving black a Direct message.

But when he was sent back to the same screen, the message was already automatically lost. Even so, the black screen is still leave traces in the form of font, clearly visible.

Answer Facebook

In response, Facebook as the owner Instagram, not to say that the function tested in public.

“This feature is still in an early stage of development and have not been tested externally,” wrote Facebook through his official Twitter account.

The actual functions messages automatically disappear, the long-in Instagram. The difference is that at the moment, this function only valid when users send a photo or video via a Direct message.

Currently, there are a selection of the “view ” once”, “allow ” replay” or “stay in chat”, when a user send a photo or video on the DM.

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Summarized KompasTekno from Tech Crunch, Tuesday (21/3/2020), in addition to Instagram, functions, messages, it will disappear (ephermal) also on Snapchat.

Platform applications share a short video that was in its time very popular. But now Instagram disturb the existence of Snapchat.

According to the analysis by Statista, this time Instagram, 500 million active users upload Stories and the every day. The height of the visible contrast with the number of users of Snapchat, which only reached a figure of 218 million total.