The dramatic cry of Rocío Marengo: “Rota”

The media Rocío Marengo could not hold back the tears in the middle of an interview and he showed live all his emotion and sadness, in the middle of a convulsed year. The participant of Showmatch: The Academy, revealed live what is wrong with him.

With the definition of The academy closer and closer, Rocío Marengo her emotions are on the surface and she is going through a very sensitive moment. The participant gave an interview to Relentless, the cycle that leads Susana roccasalvo by The Newand, And she couldn’t stop her crying when talking about the difficult year she went through.

Marengo comes from a couple of years of high exposure, with its stakes in MasterChef Celebrity and Showmatch And that’s why she made a strong decision about her future on television that also distressed her. “I made the decision that this is going to be the last reality show, it seems to me that it is a completed stage. That is why this award is very important to me. I feel that … I am excited”, he managed to say before breaking and covering his face with his hands.

And then added: “I feel that reality is seen as something minor and for the famous summoned it is difficult to show themselves raw and play intensely, at least as I do. I feel that this year I gave it my all, as I always did in reality shows “, said Rocío, and revealed what her plans are.

Marengo highlighted that “It was a difficult year” because it is “larger” and because when they called her “it was broken”. “And I feel that this year I rebuilt myself, and I feel that it is a goodbye because I want to be a mother, because I want my life to go the other way and I need time to do it, “he concluded about his future on television.

However, he announced that he has projects for next year. “Later I have projects on TV, I bet there because it is what makes me happiest”, indicated in this regard. At the same time that he anticipated his vacations: “When I have been working so much during the year, I choose to take a few days in the summer with my family and this summer I am going to take a little trip.”

Marcelo Tinelli’s final strategy to raise Showmatch’s rating

Marcelo Tinelli revealed through his social networks the proposal he made to one of the most viral artists of all this 2021 to become the sixth jury of The academy from Showmatch at the end of the historic cycle. In addition, the host confirmed that the program will end in December, as it was scheduled from the beginning, despite speculation that it could end in mid-November.

Very active on social media, Marcelo Tinelli invited his followers this Friday to ask him questions through his Instagram stories. “Does L-Ghent have to close the year?“, a follower of Tinelli consulted about the maximum reference of cumbia 420, which is triumphing both in the country and abroad, despite the criticism it receives. After his European and Mexican tour, the singer went through Showmatch and the good vibes prevailed on the floor throughout his presentation. Marcelo Tinelli’s response surprised everyone: “I invited him to be the sixth jury in the finals“.

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