The dreaded ‘September Slope’ is here, and these are the tips for successfully overcoming it

During the year, townspeople tend to say that there are two important “mountains”: one in January, and one in September which we will start in a few days.

Summer and the holiday season often bring significant financial outlays, and in the past, consumers would face the dreaded ‘September Cost’, and for those with school-aged children, the cost of materials, uniforms and textbooks would also be huge. the cost of.

To prepare for this period, ASESCON offers ten recommendations so that household finances do not suffer too much over the next month:

1. The planned economy is the key. We have to analyze the fixed expenses and possible variables we have and adapt them to our income. Therefore, preparing a household budget is essential to be able to face this year better.

2. We must strictly control our expenses and discard those we consider unimportant.

3. Consume supplies responsibly and avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity, gas or water.

4. It is recommended to pay in cash instead of credit cards. That way, you can better control your spending and not fall into the trap of buying things you can’t afford.

5. If our economy shrinks, let’s not get carried away by consumer advertising. It’s better to buy things that actually save money and are necessary.

6. Plan the shopping basket according to the budget we set before acting.

7. Comparing prices is important to check quality/price variables

8. The internet is a great buying tool because of the great deals it offers

9. Educate the entire family, including children, about saving. The family economy is the business of all members.

10. It is important to visualize the household’s weekly and monthly savings. This will incentivize the future to maintain that interest until the end of the month, and spend the money on issues of genuine interest to the whole family.

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