The e-cigarette epidemic

The e-cigarette epidemicDavid Castro

In recent years, the consumption of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes has E-cigarette enthusiasts As an alternative to traditional tobacco.Located in Zaragoza Since 2018, the number of institutions specializing in e-cigarettes has continued to increasewhere you can find countless products and even collectibles.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines e-cigarettes as a system for heating a liquid that may or may not contain nicotine but does not contain tobacco. These liquids have different flavors and contain chemicals that are toxic to your health.The Smoking Prevention and Control Unit of the General Directorate of Public Health believes that the use of the term “e-cigarette users” is This is a deceptive tactic that avoids calling these devices e-cigarettes in an attempt to associate the products with the safety of water vapor.

However, Dr. Isabel Nerín, under the guidance of the Smoking Department of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza, assures that although the risk is lower, because there is no burning, It also means short-term health conditions.

In Aragon, the latest data from the General Directorate of Public Health for 2021 show that almost half of the community and Spanish young people aged 14 to 18 have consumed e-cigarettes.

Its consumption is directly related to The emergence of diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis, and even the emergence of new conditions related to e-cigarette and an e-cigarette called Evali. This is a pathology that causes changes in the lungs and results in reduced respiratory capacity, fever and lack of oxygen in the blood. This is directly related to the use of products containing vitamin E oil in e-cigarettes.

These new forms of smoking, promoted as healthy alternatives to traditional cigarettes, have not been favored by organizations such as the World Health Organization.Dr. Isabel Nerín assures that there are effective treatments for smoking cessation and Quitting smoking via e-cigarette is not really a slogan. “Many people end up becoming dual smokers when using e-cigarettes, alternating between smoking traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.””, Nellin assured.

Stores specializing in e-cigarettes are proliferating.

The exponential growth of e-cigarettes, both as a fad and Hobby, also spread among minors. This is the gateway to consuming nicotine products, which creates great addiction in this population. «It’s quite shameful that they are marketed on flavour, as this makes them more attractive to young people.», lamented Isabelle Nehring.

The Union of E-Cigarette Entrepreneurs and Promoters (UPEV) assures that the regulation prohibits the sale and delivery of these products to minors, meaning that anyone offering these products will be subject to sanctions. Therefore, they believe their marketing should be regulated because minors may be more likely to purchase these products at establishments that do not specifically sell e-cigarettes.

They estimate from entities 450,000 users in Spain E-cigarette enthusiasts3.2% of which are minors, That’s according to a study conducted by consulting firm Sigmados. “E-cigarettes are nothing more than a tool or alternative for smokers, and non-smokers should not start smoking or e-cigarettes,” UPEV President Arturo Ribes said.

Regardless, the e-cigarette craze is growing exponentially since its popularity in 2015. In Aragon, the latest data from the General Directorate of Public Health for 2021 show: Almost half of the community and young people aged 14 to 18 in Spain have used e-cigarettes.

By gender, men use this type of tobacco substitute the most, accounting for 42.2%, while women use 41.7%. Although the trend is for consumption to become equal in both cases.

Growth is faster than regulation. “In Spain, the current health minister has no interest in normalizing this situation. This represents a huge irresponsibility, because if the government does not take any action, its consumption will continue to increase,” said Dr. Nelling.

One of the factors that influence the consumption of such substances is the desire to quit smoking.

Royal Decree No. 579/2017 of 9 June only covers certain aspects related to the manufacture, display and marketing of tobacco and related products and the places where their consumption is prohibited. «Our requirement is that any regulation must be based on scientific and rigorous research. Current regulations tell us that we can only sell products with a nicotine content of no more than 10 milliliters and a nicotine content of no more than 20 milligrams per milliliter. ” explained UPEV President Arturo Ribes.

andOne of the factors that influence the consumption of such substances is the desire to quit smoking. Many e-cigarette users turn to e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking. “Thanks to them, I quit smoking five years ago. The difference I noticed is that before I couldn’t leave the house without tobacco, but now if I leave the e-cigarette, nothing happens. And it’s much cheaper. I used to smoke one pack a day, but now for only five euros I can smoke it for a whole week.a,” said one ex-smoker.

In any case, it is undeniable that Prosperity The number of vaping enthusiasts is here to stay and we are increasingly seeing people using this type of present Its use is prohibited in public administration centers and offices, health institutions, educational centers and means of transportation.and playgrounds and play areas. In venues such as bars or other venues for private use, this is subject to the wishes of the venue itself.

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