The effects of the Corona, Apple Will Probably Launch iPhone 12 5G network This year


THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE Companies from the United States Apple’s planned launch of the phone every year in September, the year 2020 is likely to be moved due to the pandemic virus corona.

Quotes Pocket-lin, according to a report by the Nikei, Apple is now discussed, whether his company should menuda Start in the next couple of months.

The Nikkei is known track record in the proclamation of the launch of Apple products.

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A Nikkei report said that Apple began shipping delivers your products in large quantities in August 2020, but the plan is postponed in the next few months due to the impact of the outbreak of the corona virus.


It was also reported that Apple has advised to stop the launch of the iPhone 12 for a couple of months.

Quotes of Slashgear, supplier China, also notifications on changes in the production schedule of Apple phones.

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The delay is usually only a month or two, but this year could be extended up to the year 2021, depending on the situation, the global experience, the outbreaks around the world.