The effects of the Corona, the turnover on the market of Raya Padang Collapsed, and dealers screaming


PADANG, HARIANHALUAN.COM — A number of traders in Pasar Raya Padang, in the province of west Sumatra began to scream. They complain sales slumped because of the government circular letter, that the people stay away from the mass, to anticipate the spread of the virus Corona or Covid-19.

One of the merchants of chili, Don confessed to leave. Because the government prohibits the public approached the crowd. Although he sell, always keep in a crowded room health, although they are in the middle of the outbreak of the virus.

“Since the rules of the society so scared out of the house. I can usually sell one day, buy 500 thousand, now since the edition of the Corona 200 thousand susah nyarinya. Because the buyer is the lonely, in fact,” said Don, on Wednesday (25/3/2020).

Similar is also used by the vegetable dealer, Nunuk. She complained of a decline in sales since the outbreak of the output of the Corona-virus, as. Because, the buyer only comes with customer base, not the visitors.

“Most of the people buy you, the customer, by necessity, lontong pical. Rarely does a buyer since the Corona virus, people who buy just one or two. It was not clear, also,” complained of Nunuk.

Nunuk hope the government can immediately deal with Corona virus, so you dispel the concerns of the community The handling is not necessary, so that the deadly virus spreading further.

“Look at the mood of the market Kingdom, the desolate right. Hopefully Corona virus quickly. So people no more fear in the market, and the sale of the merchant again,” please Nunuk.

From the observation of on the Website, Pasar Raya Padang, which is usually crowded with buyers and visitors that just look at the selection of the goods in the shopping center that now seemed empty of people. But in General, in the time during the day, the traditional market is already very crowded.

No longer the boisterous atmosphere, which may be due to the cries of the traders, a result affected by the prohibition crowd, the transmission of the virus Corona. The dealer booths are arranged in a clear pattern, now looks much emptier.

Also, if you are left to draw conclusions on the Mall in the Public service of the city of Padang also, the traffic. In General, the traffic in this area is deserted. In addition, during the day, in General, to the field jam is always full of bad. (*)