The effects of the Corona-Virus, Apple Announces WWDC 2020 Instead of Online


WWDC 2020. ( – In the Mat Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC or 2020 organised by Apple every year, by this time it should be held because of the outbreak of the corona virus, which is spread in a variety of countries.

Apple said the event, which is planned to commence on the date is not yet known, in June lali the online experience of the new.

This includes both the keynote announcement of the traditional Apple and presentation of the dai side of the developer.

Quoted from: page The Vergethe decision of the event WWDC online due to the health situation in this time, this was announced by the head of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller in a statement. Details more details on this event Blie shared in some of the resistance-uprising in the future.

In recent years, the event of the WWDC in San Jose instead. Apple itself is not going to happen donate as much as $ 1 million for the organization of the San Jose and make up for the fact that an event of this magnitude this year.

In General, the title of the event WWDC version of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS begins to show with a keynote. The rest of the time on the Mat has also been submitted to the developers for the platform.

WWDC 2020. (
WWDC 2020. (

However, since the outbreak of the corona virus, it is advisable to stay away from the crowd, this year the event WWDC 2020 will be held online.

This can help prevent the spread of the corona virus COVID-19-a disease caused by a new virus, and create a social distance, prevent people in direct contact.

Some allow the will be announced on this event have already leaked, as the leaked iOS 14 diporeloah from 9to5Mac and MacRumors.

Supposedly, for iOS, Apple is apparently building a fitness app the new iMessage with the new features and improved support for the mouse cursor.

The presence of the latest features of watchOS7 and many leaks about the latest features, which will be broadcast Apple event WWDC 2020, this time, so we wait for the Yes.

Previously, not only the event WWDC 2020, the Apple, which was cancelled by a corona virus, but a developer event Google I / O, Facebook, E3, Microsoft on the Mat Mobile World Congres.