The effects of the Corona-Virus, Samsung Move production of the Galaxy S20 and Z-Flip-Vietnam


Previously, in February of last year, Samsung a the case of a positive corona announced the virus has been confirmed in the factory complex smartphonein the city of Gumi, South Korea.

The case of the positive corona virus, all the facilities of the plant been closed for a while, since Saturday till Monday morning.

Samsung call, a floor in the factory, where the workers of a positive corona virus works and will be closed until Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

“The company has the colleagues in contact with the staff of the infected in quarantine own and took the step in the examination of the infection possible,” said Samsung in a statement, quoted by The StarsSunday (23/2/2020).

Just for your information, the factory of Samsung is located in Gumi-si produces a small amount of the total production smartphone.

This factory is responsible for the model Flagship smartphone Samsung, primarily for the performance of its domestic market.