The effects of the Corona-Virus, Samsung Move production to Vietnam


SEOUL, – The electronics giant South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said it will shift production of mobile phones from South Korea to Vietnam.

This happens after an employee is confirmed positive, the infection with the corona virus. However, the transfer of this production only for a while.

Reporting of ReutersSaturday (7/3/2020), a spokesman of Samsung said it has stopped is the operation of the plant in Gumi, South Korea, after a positive worker infection with the corona virus.

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The plant for the production of mobile phone Samsung S20 and mobile fold Samsung Z Flip.

Since the end of February 2020, then a total of six employees has a positive of the infection with the corona virus in the factory complex in Gumi. The city is located in the heart of Daegu, the city became the center of the spread of corona virus in South korea.

As a result, the facility is temporarily closed.

To move “step, the production of most of the premium phones for Vietnam is to keep determined, the products deliver to the consumer more effective, stable and timely,” said Samsung in a statement.

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What if the situation in connection with the corona-virus is stable, said Samsung, then the production in the factory in Gumi.

In the last ten years, Samsung has a lot of moving the mobile production to Vietnam. The country produces 50 percent of mobile phone Samsung and up to now, there have been no disturbances, which means.