The effects of the Corona Virus, the Start of the New iPhone is expected to month on the withdrawal of a


Apple-Store. (Pixabay/matcuz) – As is known, the spread of the virus corona new type of SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19 influence on the production of smartphones is. Included on the new iPhone.

The launch of the new smartphone from Apple is expected to be on the decline, because the unprepared of the suppliers in China of the effects of the corona-virus.

Quotes from GSM Arena, the new iPhone is expected to launch in September 2020, as it is the habit of Apple.

According to rumors, the new iPhone, Apple devices have a modem 5G use. Aka the support of the network connection 5G was.

But, unfortunately, the effects of the corona-virus is forcing Apple’s rewind to plan the launch of a new smartphone later for a month.

According to reports, now Apple COVID is preparing in the event of delays due to the pandemic-19 iso global was so.

It was also mentioned that a pandemic COVID-19 this has also an impact on the development schedule for the latest products from Apple.

Apple-Store. (Pixabay/3005398)
Apple-Store. (Pixabay/3005398)

According to Nikkei Asia, Apple is only the experience is not the limitations of the supply chain. Companies from the United States, concerns about a decline in demand konsomun upgrade smartphone.

This can smartphone a negative impact on the sale of prime new you this. Because Apple wants to shot up the sales of the new iPhone with the 5G network will be in the sky.

Apple are also monitoring the spread of the corona virus in the United States and Europe, two markets, whether or not the new iPhone, you will need to be delayed.

Other sources mention also, that the limit to the time a final decision to Apple launches new iPhone, most of the later around next may.

We are waiting for the may, when Apple launch their new iPhone. Postponed due to the effects of the corona virus, or the exact time, as the habit of the month of September.