The Effects Of The Virus, Corona -, E3-2020 Has Been Officially Canceled


E3 2020. (ESA) – A further effect of the virus corona COVID-19 on the game industry. This time, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 2020 officially canceled.

ESA penyenggara, was originally planned that the E3-2020 on 9. – 11. June 2020 in Los Angeles, USA.

E3 itself is the title of the largest in the gaming industry, and as a venue for them to show new games. So also in the E3 the year 2020, which was officially canceled.

On the official website of the E3, the ESA officially announced that you to consult with a number of parties, prior to the determination of the safety of the convening of this event.

Finally, ESA decided to cancel the annual event for the most splashy in the industry of this game. The decision for the salvation of all people.

It was announced that everyone who purchased a ticket to E3 in 2020 will receive a full refund. The ESA is ready to contribute to, the refund of these Tickets.

Even so, the SEA is also the attempt to create the possibility of a showcase is online. So there will still be content for players.

The announcement of the cancellation of the E3 the year 2020. (ESA)
The announcement of the cancellation of the E3 the year 2020. (ESA)

While shocase held the game new and all the development of the games industry into the spotlight and spectacle during the E3. Also a part of the E3, which can not be separated.

Big companies like Microsoft and Ubisoft also preparing an online showcase for digital after the cancellation of the E3 2020.

Options present online, such as this, in fact, the effects of the corona virus, the damage. Also in order to avoid the risk of exposure to this deadly virus.

The cancellation event E3 in 2020, this is not for forever. The ESA confirmed that it was still E3 in the year 2021.

This is another effect of the corona virus in the gaming industry with the cancelled E3 2020. Earlier also there have been a number of cancellation of the title game.