the emotion of a baby in the United States to receive a Diego Maradona t-shirt for Christmas

For the boys, December 24 and 25 has an added value: the gifts that Santa Claus brings. In the previous one they make long wish lists and, when receiving the packages, their reactions are spontaneous and natural.

That happiness was recorded in a video that went viral. The protagonist is Nicolás, a boy of Argentine and Uruguayan parents who lives in the United States and was filmed while screaming in ecstasy: “Maradona! Maradona!”.

Short hair and styled for the occasion, dressed in a dark blue pullover that neatly reveals the collar of the light blue shirt and brown pants with a belt and matching shoes, Nicolás settled on the floor mat to open the gifts.

It was at that moment that the T-shirt appeared. Radiant. Light blue and white, with the 10 on the back under a surname that transcends borders and ages.

As soon as he saw her, the boy expanded it as much as his arms allowed and read aloud: “Maradona”. Nico showed the shirt to everyone, hitting little jumps in place and naming the Argentine captain world champion in Mexico ’86.

Then he couldn’t take the emotion anymore. He left fired up the stairs, he dribbled an armchair and a countertop with ornaments to, in speed, with precision, take hold of the railing with his right hand and in almost an acrobatics begin to pile steps under his restless feet.

“Where are you going?” Asks a woman who shared the celebration with him. “Put it on!” he responded agitated by emotion and anxiety.

“In my family we are all Maradonianos, soccer fans and Independiente. My old woman has a painting of Diego in her room, my old man always tells us how much Diego loved Bocha (Ricardo Bochini) since he was a child, and not because my old men have dropped the line. about him but it happened naturally, loving Diego and accepting him was something that had to happen, “Malena, Nicolás’s mother’s cousin, tells Clarion.

“I usually upload photos, Diego’s clippings and my writings to the networks about Diego and my cousin who lives in the United States decided to send me the video because she knows how much I love him. We are far but there are things that bring you closer“Malena adds.

Fua, the Diego. It was the phrase that was imposed on social networks after the death of the 10th on November 25, 2020. His silhouette in the clouds, different signs and even Argentina champion after 28 years, a few months after he physically left.

Malena already said it. Maradona also brings families closer. Even when the United States was a hostile land in the 1994 World Cup and because of its addiction problem.

“Nico’s family is a soccer player, they are Uruguayan, except for Nico’s father, Johny, who is Argentine,” explains Malena.

“My cousin gave her the shirt, she told me that she hit him the day before with the number and the name because “he wanted Maradona’s”.

The first thing he thought when he saw the video is that no one set out to impose Maradona’s image or legacy on Nicolás. “Both my family, like that of Patricia, my cousin, as well as that of millions, spread throughout the world, happens to them that Diego it comes to them simply because it belongs to everyone now and forever“.

“You have to accept the dimension of Diego and one way to do it is to let it happen to you and it happens,” closes Malena, who posted the video on her Twitter account, where she quickly had more than 15,000 likes.


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