The Emotion of Chef Yisus When Reliving the Surprise That His Mother Gave Him in ‘Despierta América’

Chef Yisus receives the support of his colleagues from 'Despierta América'.

As we have told you, Chef Yisus’s mother passed away a week ago, and this Sunday she will debut on the track of ‘Mira Quien Baila All Stars’ as one of the contestant celebrities, Doña Gloria’s dream.

His colleagues from ‘Despierta América’ wanted to give him their support, and they virtually received him in their kitchen from the Univision show. Interviewed by Raúl González, who lost his father a few months ago, Yisus could not contain his excitement as he relived the surprise his mother gave him, 4 years ago, when he appeared on the show to cook with him.

“What a beauty,” he repeated with a smile on his lips, and his eyes filled with tears, trying not to break.

All his classmates, Karla Martínez, Alan Tacher, Francisca Lachapel, Carlos Calderón, and Sacha Pretto, approached and applauded him for his integrity, for not having stopped rehearsing for a single day, not even on Saturday that his mother died.

Yisus assured that at this moment ‘Look Who Dances’ was therapy for him and that he did it in the name of what his mother has always taught him: “This is going to be a vitamin for her soul

As he told us in an exclusive interview, he will not leave the reality show, which begins this Saturday, March 14 at 8/7 PM on Univision, because he owes it to his mother, who will be dancing with him.