The emotion of Diego Martínez, the DT who took Tigre to First

“To my family, my old woman, my little angel that I have in heaven who is turning 75 years old. I haven’t had it for three years, but it’s as if I had it every day”. And there he could not continue. Knot in the throat, emotion on the surface. Diego Martínez, the DT of this Tigre champion of the First National and who achieved promotion, showed his sensitive side.

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The emotion of Diego Martínez

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The coach, after swallowing the emotion, continued with the thanks: “To my wife who can put up with me, with my children, who has huge ovaries to put up with this madness and this profession that I chose, to my old man who did not come today who was going to have a very bad nerves, to my sisters, to my whole family … To the coaching staff, who have been working together since the D, and especially this group of footballers, it is to thank them “.

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Tigre played a great game when he had to play: in the final. He dominated Barracas on the Banfield court and won it with a great goal from Zabala. After two years fighting for promotion, the Matador returns to First. “Beyond having no results, the commitment to us was very strong. After the game with Atlanta, a feeling was generated, in silence, because they speak in silence, that they were not going to escape them,” Martinez said. And it did not escape.

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