The emotional farewell to Víctor Escobar, the first non-terminal patient in Latin America to receive euthanasia

After an extensive legal fight, Victor Escobar was able to fulfill his will and became on Friday the first Colombian authorized to receive the euthanasia. Before undergoing the procedure, he sent a emotional farewell message.

I don’t say goodbye but see you later”Said the man through a video he recorded to broadcast in the media.

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What Víctor Escobar said before receiving euthanasia

In the company of your lawyer Luis Giraldo and his wife, Escobar thanked the people who supported him to achieve his will, minutes before undergoing the procedure.

“I thank those who have been pending on my case, pending on my lawyer Luis, we give them the most sincere thanks. They were part of this fight, of this fight that with Luis Giraldo at the head the objective would be achieved that patients like me, not terminal, but degenerative patients, we will win this battle ”, he expressed.

“A battle that opens the doors for the patients coming after me and that at this moment they want a dignified death ”, he remarked.

“Thanks to all the Colombians who in one way or another gave us their support, that confidence to continue with our struggle. Blessings and hugs in general. I love you all very much, “he added in his recording.

“And I do not say goodbye, but a see you later. Life is not bought, little by little it is the turn of each one of us. Little by little we will find ourselves where God has us. Hugs and blessings to all (…). I love you and I love you with all my soul, ”Escobar closed.

His lawyer also took advantage of the moment to read him a few words. He assured that he considered him as grandfather. “I fired him today exactly five years ago,” he said.

The diseases suffered by Víctor Escobar, the first Colombian to receive euthanasia

(Photo: Twitter – @LuisCGiraldo – Video: El Tiempo).

Escobar was 60 years old and had suffered two cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) in 2008 that caused him to lose the mobility of half of his body. Over time he had managed to partially recover it, but then the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), why he depended on oxygen to breathe.

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He also suffered from hypertension, diabetes, severe osteoarthritis and chondrocostal joint syndrome.

His legal battle to achieve euthanasia began two and a half years ago. She was denied twice by clinics and judges for not meeting the requirement of being in the terminal phase of her illness.

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