The emotional message from the father of Marcelo Gallardo, DT de River, to his wife Ana María

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It is seven years since the death of Ana María, Marcelo Gallardo’s mother, and her father decided to honor her on social networks with two posts full of emotion on this special date for the whole family.

Máximo Gallardo remembered Ana María seven years after her death with an emotional post on social networks.
© @maximoeliseogallardoMáximo Gallardo remembered Ana María seven years after her death with an emotional post on social networks.

The path that footballers travel from a very young age is not easy at all, those who do not know in detail the world of the Inferiors tend to stay with the stage in which the player is successful, plays in First, is transferred to Europe, reaches the National Team and the champion comes out. Marcelo Daniel Gallardo lived all this as a footballer: he made his debut in River’s First League, he played in French football –Mónaco and PSG-, in the United States –DC United, he finished his career in Uruguay –National-, and for many years he played in the Argentine National Team and it goes without saying that he was champion on repeated occasions.

But few will appreciate the sacrifice of a humble Merlo family that surely gave up many comforts so that Marcelo can fulfill the dream of reaching the First Division and surely both Ana María and Máximo, Marcelo Gallardo’s parents, have been the proudest of all the your child’s career achievements. Both were lucky to enjoy it during their time as a footballer but Unfortunately, Ana María could not enjoy with him his best stage as a coach since on November 25, 2014 he died after fighting against an illness.

Probably in those days of suffering for Marcelo Gallardo, the Millionaire DT has noticed the love and respect of the whole world River that accompanied him in a hard personal moment like few times. It should be remembered that the semifinals of the South American Cup that year against Boca were played on November 20 and 27. And although in the face of the loss of such a beloved person there is nothing that can be done, having passed to the final was a caress to the soul of the Doll in a difficult personal situation.

Máximo Gallardo remembered Ana María in the networks

The doll’s father is very present in River’s day-to-day life, he is a very beloved person within the club and stands out for his humility. This is a very special day for the entire Gallardo family since it is seven years since the death of Ana María and Máximo paid tribute to her on the networks with heartfelt messages. Máximo uploaded a collage in which Marcelo is seen looking at the sky with an image of Ana María and the phrase “For you, I’m going for more.” And he also shared a story in which the three are – the Doll with the Copa Libertadores in his player stage – and the phrase “You will always be with me and your children.”

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