The emotional surprise that made Adele cry in the middle of her show

The British singer appeared on the An Audience With cycle and met a person who marked her passion for music.

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An emotional moment was lived in a show that offered Adele in the UK for the An Audience With program from the ITV station. The singer-songwriter was surprised by a teacher (Miss McDonald) from Chestnut Grove School in Balham.

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Actress Emma Thompson served as the presenter and said to Adele, “My question is, when you were younger, was there someone who supported and inspired you or, you know, protected you from all the trials and tribulations of life and Will it inspire you to move on? “

An Audience With. An Audience With.

“Yes, I had a teacher in Chestnut Grove who taught me English.”Adele replied. “It was Ms. McDonald. She left when I was in the eighth grade. It was only a year, but she got me into literature. I’ve always been obsessed with English and obviously now I write lyrics.” She continued: “He was so fucking cool. He was so engaging, it made us care and we knew he cared about us.”

Adele added that Ms. McDonald was so “nice and nice” and that she was always looking forward to her English classes. Emma looked at Adele and said, “Yeah, because it’s weird actually, pretty funny …”. Speaking to Emma, ​​the singer asked, “Is he here?” while Cruella’s star replied, “He’s here tonight.”

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Adele began to cry when she saw her former teacher walk through the crowd towards her, before taking the stage to stand next to the star. They hugged a moment before the former teacher told him: “How proud I am of you. Thank you for remembering me.” Adele, distraught with emotion, replied: “My God, you really changed my life.” “Mom! Mom, can you believe it?” he screamed looking for his mother in the audience.

After asking her how she was, if she continued teaching, greet her two children present at the place and tell her that she still has all her books from when she was their teacher, Adele asked if she could ask for her phone number. The woman happily agreed. The moment transcended the screen, making the public and viewers cry, who demonstrated on Twitter and Instagram.

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