The end of the Supermodel in the ‘Good success’: Ex-lover is the heroine


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Even though you have a lot of ambition to find (Sheron Menezzes) in each Chapter of the “A Good Result” to redeem himself from his mistakes.

After so much time, to be an accomplice to the plans of David (Armando Babaioff), the wizard will not accept any evil, and she is a true heroine of the story.

In the final phase of the ‘Good success’

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If you are doing for a personal assistant to David in the Editor, the Prado Later, she stood up and decided to, on the side of the villains, only to find out his plans.

In the first case, the character is already alert to be able to Mark (Romulo a star) is that the lawyer sent to kill Pessanha (Walter Breda), Paloma (Grazi Massafera).

But his loyalty is called into question by the Station (Fabíula of birth), the revoltará to see the woman next to her ex-husband is back again – at a time when the two had an affair for several years.

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Blame the professional for their mistakes and for the redemption of the wizard, you will prove to be able to that the manager that you are only pretending to be an ally of David, to date, every step of the way.

However, things are not so simple, because to be the “bad guy” that the conquest of our country, he will find that it has all of the betrayal and it will not go unpunished.

Enraged, the young man, threatening the life of the character and the hostage, if you break into the business, Alberto (Antonio Fagundes), and set fire to the place with all the employees inside.

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In the midst of great confusion and despair, you will be able to loose to get to, and fight against the villains, in this way, the wizard will allow you to ensure that all employees, including the Paloma and Alberto, to flee from the spot.

The fire is a killer, and David, and you will not be found by the fire brigade. It was not immediately clear whether the two will die from you, or if you will be able to get away from the flames.

In spite of the mystery of the end of the Supermodel, the ex-lover of David all at the end of a hero.

“A good result”: the last stage