“The ending has been rewritten”

That the Multiverse saga didn’t get off to a good start is also borne out by the numerous production issues that the various films faced.

Black Widow, David Harbor on Marvel Movie: 'The Ending Was Rewritten'

To confirm production problems Black Widow was David Harborwho recently admitted that the movie is ending Scarlett Johansson The main character was heavily rewritten during filming.

The interesting thing about Marvel that is so good is that they remake everything, even the big productions.Harbor revealed.As with Black Widow, the entire third act was redesigned during filming, which is unbelievable, so they just let it happen.Therefore, the actor does not speak negatively about this, given that the rewrite served to improve the ending and the film as a whole, but the problems that arose during the writing stage of the script before filming began are obvious.

Harbor will return to play the character of the Red Guardian in The Thunderbolts, which is slated for release in 2024.

Will The Thunderbolts set the stage for the X-Men’s MCU debut?

There are very few details about the film, but Thunderbolts is to follow the Marvel Comics team of the same name, an alliance of anti-heroes and villains forced to work for the government. Jake Schreier (Paper Towns, Beef) will direct Thunderbolts from a script by Lee Sung Jin (Beef). Production was originally scheduled to start this summer, but ongoing strikes have forced a postponement.

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