The Enemy is a new dystopia starring Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal.

As we have seen, the strikes that hit the film world have led to several shifts in movie release dates. Can anyone remember what sony had to shelve their own Marvel title Kraven the hunter through August 30, 2024. But all is not well with silver given that the weekend previously chosen for Kraven the hunterhe will come out instead enemy. Movie release date Amazon director Garth Davis That’s why October 6, 2023.

“The Enemy”: synopsis and reflections

enemy The action takes place in rural America in a dystopian future where a climate catastrophe has destroyed much of the crop. Oscar nominees Saoirse Ronan AND Paul Mescal play a pair of Henrietta and Junior, the owners of a small plot of cultivated land. Mysterious Terrence will knock on their door (Aaron Pierre) with a proposal that will turn their lives upside down.

Based on the novel Ian Reed and scripted by the same author reed AND Davis, enemy manages to nervously explore married life and the theme of identity in an uncertain world. The film wants to make people think about human and artificial nature and provokes the viewer by moving the action to the near future. As the Vanity Fair director said: “This movie really says, ‘Wake up. Your life is priceless and if you take it for granted, you will lose it.”

Filming took place in the homeland of the Australian director, in a deserted corner of the earth Wangaratta. The film is produced by Kerry Kohansky-Roberts, Davis, Emil Sherman and Ian Canning. Executive producers are Don Olmsted, David Levin, Robert Valak, Samantha Lang and Reid.

Amazon Studios acquired global rights for $30 million from sellers FilmNation, CAA and UTA, reaffirming its commitment to theatrical releases.
He also scheduled a limited release film directed by Emerald Fennell, Saltburnon November 24th.

Sources: Deadline, Vanity Fair.

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