The Equalizer 3 – Denzel Washington confirms the end of the franchise: “Now Robert is ready to retire”

Denzel Washington has confirmed that The Equalizer 3: No Truce – in theaters Aug. 30 – will be the final chapter in the vigilante Robert McCall franchise, finally ready to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

The cinematic summer of 2023 is ready to wrap up the epilogue of yet another iconic saga – after Indiana Jones. Denzel Washington actually confirmed that Equalizer 3: No Truce this will mark the end of the adventures of the avenger Robert McCallwho accompanied the Oscar-winning actor for almost ten years.

The Equalizer 3: No Truce – Denzel Washington’s farewell to Robert McCall

How long have the rumors been circulating Equalizer 3: No Truce will mark the end of the franchise under the leadership Antoine Fuqua. To the microphones Empire, Denzel Washington therefore has confirmed the imminent end of the saga – the next feature film will be in Italian cinemas August 30 – showing that Robert has finally found peace and is finally ready to enjoy a well-deserved rest:

I don’t mean that he has found happiness, but without giving away too much, he meets a wonderful person and moves to a wonderful place, so he seems to be at peace. He seems to have found a good place to stop (…) When we made the first film, I didn’t know we were going to do two sequels, and I certainly didn’t know how it would end.

In search of silence, Robert McCall actually moved to Southern Italyimmediately feeling at home. However, he soon discovers that his new friends are under the heel of local crime bosses. Thus, in a series of events that were supposed to happen, the protagonist will have to back in actionto protect what matters to him e challenge the mafia. The last great adventure for a former government agent turned avenger and finally ready to retire, as emphasized not only by Washington, but also Antoine Fuqua:

Robert McCall, a tireless hero, must retire at some point. At some point, it becomes necessary for someone else to pick up their witness and decide to do justice. He did his part of the job. He is in a foreign country and is trying to settle down and find his place in the world. This is what really matters. And in the process, eliminate a few bandits.

The action takes place in Italy Equalizer 3 so it was included amalfi coastTo Naples it’s in Rome and count on international composition formed Sonia Ben Ammar, Remo GironeAndrea Dodero, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Andrea Scarducio, Salvatore Ruocco, Daniele Perrone, Gaia Scodellaro AND Dakota Fanning – who returns to collaborate with Denzel Washington about twenty years ago. Man on fire – Fire of vengeance. Antoine Fuqua, for his part, is already busy with a new and challenging project, a biopic about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. We are waiting for further updates, the meeting then in August 30.

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