the errors that could spoil your training


It this year yes! Have you set some goals and there is no day in which you do not bagging there your leggings and will fits the sneakers. You’re convinced that this will be the summer in which you are not going to resist the challenge prebikini and, best of all, you have more free time to successfully complete your plan fitness. Perhaps you have tried the routines express youtubers as Alexis Ren, who only asks for 5 minutes of your time to get a figure like an hourglass, or you are a parent who feels inspired by Pilar Rubio, Blake Lively and their workouts with children included. For all of your efforts do not fall on deaf ears, the experts say what are the mistakes that could slow down the progress notes on your body: relax a little, do not choose the right nutrients or required more than the account contained between major failures.

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1. Do not get the rest you need

“Overtraining is the result of not letting the body recover what is due and does not allow you to gain muscle massbut to compromise”, explains José Cano, personal trainer and CEO of Fit Room. A council that adds how important it is for the rest to achieve your goals fitness: “During sleep increases levels of the growth hormone that allows our body to repair its structures”. Experts in physiotherapy and rehabilitation Clinics Rozalén also praise the benefits of resting the 8-hour regulatory every night: “sleep our body repairs the structures of the body. A good night’s rest will allow us to have energy to perform exercise and to gain muscle mass“.

As for the break between session and session, Christian Sanz, Coordinator of Fitness gym Metropolitan Iradier, points out what would be the ideal break: “Must not be excessive, so as not to lose pace, nor too short, which will make the body even not be ready for the next round. We suggest 24-48 hours”. And also, don’t forget to give you a breather between exercise and exercise, an error that Christian pointed out as one of the most common: “Rest between each exercise will not only it is right, it is what we must do. It is necessary to give rest to the body before starting a new exercise or series because, if we do not, will not be able to make the necessary adjustments to complete the training”. In summary, balance is key to your plan prebikini to be a success, so make sure that you enjoy a restful sleep and that you rest your body between workouts.

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2. Do not follow the ‘diet of the flat belly’

It is understandable that almost all women with bodies 10 include eggs in their breakfastthe reason is that this food is very rich in proteins of high biological value that help muscle recovery. From the Clínica Rozalén, point to the importance that diet has on the training: “To prevent the loss of muscle mass, ensure adequate intake of protein, according to the weight and the amount of sport that you practice. In addition to other macronutrients essential as carbohydrates and healthy fats”. An opinion echoed by Jose Cano: “The intake protein can prevent the loss of muscle mass in these moments. But we must not consume more protein than we need, but the appropriate our weight and sports, accompanied by other macronutrients essential as carbohydrates and healthy fats”.

What the great dish? The one who inlcuya proteins like eggs, salmon, legumes or poultry, combined with vegetables – the green leafy have a great power satiating and are very low in calories – and a source of carbohydrates that provide energy. Between hours, psychotherapists, experts in hunger emotional Group Maze are new to this macronutrient as the wiser choice: “A good habit for biting is to make many small meals a day to curb hunger and keep the metabolism working. In this case, the trick is in the proteins, if these small meals contain a good dose of protein we are looking at the perfect diet”.

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3. Set goals that are unrealistic

“One of the most common mistakes is to want to spend anything at all. A lot of people usually do not be accustomed to the physical activity, or, if it is, it is at a lower intensity. These confinement times can make us want to go for more and this can be a big mistake. We must introduce exercise gradually and to know our limits”: from the gym Metropolitan’t recommend the ‘step by step’ as the best approach to be consistent with your workouts. Another advantage of adapt the routines to your physical form is that you avoid injury and also frustration, slowly and with good lyrics is the motto with which you will turn your plan prebikini in a style of life.

4. Always follow the same routine

Like the skin or the hair will tend to use the same products on a daily basis and there comes a time in the not to notes its benefits as right at the beginning, with the training is the same: “it Is true that when we find an exercise we like and that we enjoy doing, we can think that for what to change, but it is also true that repeat every day the same thing will generate a certain break-in period that will that the effects are not the desired“explained from the Metropolitan. In addition, if you’re alternating different workouts combats the boredom, and less likely to leave.