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The ‘Eternals’ star who remembered how Angelina Jolie helped him on the set of the movie

Phase 4 of the MCU continues to make leaps and bounds with the presentation of new superheroes and with the latest great addition, which has been ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings‘fans can’t wait to see the next group to feature on ‘Eternals’. In addition, the cast is full of big stars like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden or Kit harington.

And it seems that Angelina Jolie if she is a heroine both on and off the set and according to what she has told Lauren Ridloff who will play the fastest member of the Eternals group, Makkari, the actress was a essential help when shooting some of his most complicated scenes. The big problem Ridloff had is that she is deaf, therefore I couldn’t hear the signals they gave to start recording and that’s how Angelina solved it.

Lauren Ridloff
Lauren Ridloff | Netflix

“In some scenes, I had to face a wall. As a deaf person, How do you give me a sign? There was a time when I shared the frustration I felt with Angie, at a party we had after a day of filming, “says Lauren in The New York Times.

“She immediately made a suggestion to me, ‘Why don’t we use a laser pointer that special effects can easily erase?‘It was a moment like,’ Aha, wow ‘. Every time I looked at a wall, the actors used the laser pointer to make a circle on that wall and once it disappeared it meant we were rolling“.

In addition, Lauren also tells that during the beginning of filming he apologized due to his condition that prevented him from working like the others, until she realized that “everyone has a series of unique challenges to face“and stopped apologizing for those needs he had.

To this, the actress wanted to make a special mention of her role in the film, explaining that her two deaf sons “will grow up in a world where there are deaf superheroes“and they can” have bigger dreams. “

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