The exercise with the Ariel Winter tones your body


Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Ariel Winter has always been open to talk about your body. Just like you did with your breast reduction, the actress of ‘Modern Family’ has not been afraid to tell their followers the process by which he has spent the past few months for his radical physical change. And is that your account on Instagram has become in a journal that shares all the secrets about her weight loss and its evolution in the gym.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see Ariel post your workouts, including routines buttocks. It seems that you love to tone up this body part, and has become not just a big fan of the ‘donkey kicks’ or kick donkey that likes Hailey Bieber, also practice all kinds of squats. However, the actress has just discovered the perfect workout to work your entire body.

This is the ‘bear plank‘or iron bear, a variant of the classic step of the bear that they so much use in the world of CrossFit. And is that, as we see in the last video Ariel Winter, is a all-in-one, with a single movement you can exercise abs, glutes, arms and legs.

“I just tried this exercise today, so I haven’t made perfect, but I’m here working on my goals with @mackfit 🍑🥵”, I said in the photo caption Ariel. To do this, the actress only needed a few discs slide to add more intensity to the exercise.

How to do the ‘bear plank’

  1. In an all fours position, place your hands at the same height as your shoulders and knees aligned with the hips.
  2. Keep the knees in the air, that they do not touch the floor at any time. Let the weight of the body on the arms and the toe of the feet.
  3. Touch with your hands and alternate the shoulder opposite. This will make you lose your balance and tighten your core to steady.
  4. With the arms flat on the floor again, slide your legs back aided by the disks. Return to the start position.

Variant of the ‘bear plank’ as useful

The exercise Ariel Winter proceeds of the ‘bear crawl‘or step of the bear. It is very popular among the crossfiteros because you don’t need anything material, just your own bodyto work a large number of muscle groups. Among the principal are the central abdominal and oblique, the ridges, the quadriceps, the gluteus maximus and the calves. To do this, you just need to get in an all fours position and move forward as if imitaras the step of a bear (hence its name). It is very easy and simple but you have to take care of a lot of the posture so as not to damage the back. And most importantly, is very effective at the time of lose weight and get in shape.