The exhibition games are the World’s Largest E3 Clear, due to the Corona Virus

169 Event the great event of the international scale “attacked” by the outbreak of the corona virus. Now turn off the exhibition game and the world’s largest electronic, Electronic Entertainment Expo ( E3) officially canceled because of the Covid-19.

The announcement was made by the organisers (Entertainment Software Association, ESA), in an official statement on its website.

“After consultation with several parties in connection with the issue of safety and health, we have decided to cancel the E3 2020 took place on 9 – 11. June in Los Angeles, United States,” said party of the ESA.

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Although cancelled, the ESA confirm that the votes directly with the Issuer (Exhibitors) is an update available, to deliver the event E3 is on the Website

“We are also exploring the possibilities with our members to coordinate online display-display announcements as well as news from the electronics industry in June 2020. The update is distributed” they said.

That is, fans who are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the game developers such as Square Enix, Ubisoft, Nintendo and others, the opportunity to get the latest info, although the E3 clear physically.

As information, this is the first time that the ESA undo his intention, the execution of the event E3. In General, the ESA instead, the game is a exhibition, ranked as the largest in the world, every year in the month of June since 1995.

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In addition to the E3, some of the organizers of the exhibition another great also had no intentions to events, in order to roll-out their.

Some of which, such as MWC, GDC, SXSW, Facebook F8, which are summarized at the Coachella music festival, Google I/O by 2020 KompasTekno from TechSpotOn Thursday (12/3/2020).

Interestingly, the event E3 in January, Sony had already terminated. Not gegara corona virus, but because of the plans of the Japanese companies was not in line with the vision of this year’s E3.

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