The Expendables 4 – Underage ban lifted in US

Mercenaries 4 – “Expend4bles” according to the original name rating “R” For high violence, blood, obscene language and materials of a sexual nature. “limited“in the cinema means that the film prohibited for children under 17 unaccompanied by parents or other adults.

A classification that usually makes productions flutter because it doesn’t allow teenagers to flow more freely into theaters, but at least in this particular case it can serve as a suitable business magnet. because infailure of the third chapter mercenaries led by Sylvester Stallone fall under the classification “PG-13“, where adults are advised to consider viewing for children under the age of 13. Thus, the presence of the letter “R” in such a film confirms the presence profuse bloodshed.

The official synopsis is quite general and talks about new team of mercenaries heavily armed and experienced raiders he represents last line of defense, a command that is invoked when all other options have been excluded. OUR new members the team has several styles and tacticsand above all they ready for anything to reach the goal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has long confirmed that he is not involved in this new film, while the cast includes big names Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Randy Couture with martial artists Tony Jaa AND Iko Uwais. i’m in the game too Megan Fox, Curtis “50 Cent” And Andy Garcia. stallion he will be less of a showman than in the past, just like his character will actually pass the baton Jason Stathamthese days in a room with Shark 2 – Abyss.

See you next time then September 22nd With Expend4bles.

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