The Expensive Jacket That Cardi B’s Daughter Ruined

Cardi B.

Little Kulture is one of the most spoiled girls in the show and being the famous rapper her mother has access to all kinds of expensive designer clothes

Cardi B has become an international phenomenon and if there is one person who can overshadow her, it is her daughter  Kulture, because through the publications that the rapper shares, she has shown that her little girl is as charismatic as she is.

The nearly three-year-old recently made an impression by ruining her dad’s expensive jacket, Offset. The over $ 1,800  garment ended up scratched with crayons this past weekend. Cardi shared the video through her Instagram stories for her more than 87.6 million followers to see.

“Offset, look what he did,” reads the clip in which you can see the white Moncler coat filled with a red crayon. In a second story, Kulture appears sleeping, unaware of the damage he caused to the jacket of his also famous father.

The rapper was limited only to write “Wow” accompanied by a heart.

The truth is that Kulture is used to designer clothes and is no stranger to wearing the most luxurious accessories. Since she was a baby, her famous mother has shared images of how she pampers her. For example, this Versace pajama with a value of $ 850 dollars tucked her in the best way.


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Also, Kulture always dresses with the best accessories in which she looks fabulous. She certainly inherited the rapper’s good style.

Last year she looked divine in a Louis Vuitton outfit, and she also wore different jewels inlaid with gold and diamonds. The ostentatious watch and the beautiful chain with her name were the accessories that most attracted the attention of Cardi fans.


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Thus, mother and daughter always wear the most expensive and prestigious brands in the environment. and show that style runs through their veins. Without a doubt, when the little girl grows up, she could look for a career in the world of fashion since she is already familiar with the big names, we will have to wait to see what the future holds for her in the artistic world.

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