the experience of being his personal assistant

life of a personal assistant to a celebrity Is it a dream or a nightmare? depends on. Of course you have the opportunity to travel around the world, meet the stars and even get some experience. But the disadvantages certainly should not be underestimated: there is no timetable, you can forget about free time and personal life, you have to indulge your vices and whims, solve all kinds of problems, an emotional Have to act as pinggiball, have to follow strict non. Disclosure contracts and often pay are grossly inadequate for the required commitment. try asking any one of the many people who have worked for Kardashian-Jenner family,

What it’s like to be a personal assistant to the Kardashian family

There are reasons why none lasted more than a few years, but despite the fact that the working relationship has ended, few people complain publicly and it angers people. momager chris, The most enterprising of VIP moms sets the record straight from the start and states that if you agree to be her employee, but for whatever reason you betray her trust by telling personal facts to the tabloids or issuing negative comments, If so, it will be of no use to you. He hesitates to tell you the reason. Not even when you are destitute or your bank account is in jeopardy. As Mrs. Jenner herself said a few years ago, the guideline is zero tolerance. “When something needs to be protected and no one else understands its importance”add again “If a man has nothing, I don’t care how much money he has. Some people think, ‘Oh, I don’t have money and they won’t sue me.’ Well, we take the payment”,

What are the requirements to become Kylie Jenner’s assistant?

During the same interview, Chris clarified what other requirements are needed to join the family team, besides complete secrecy and dedication., first two? There is no timetable and multitasking is essential. “It’s a constant job of brainstorming and creativity 24/7 and trying to get organized and pack so many things into one day, just sitting non-stop with all the engines running”, The unique needs and commitments of each member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan mean that there is a need for someone who is on call 24/7 who is willing to work at a fast pace and “top-level programming”, This also confirms Victoria VillaroelWho was helpful for five years till 2020 Kylie Jenner, “He calls me at 2 in the morning and I answer. I don’t have a schedule”,

What are the requirements to become Kim Kardashian’s assistant?

Stephanie ShepherdKim’s assistant since 2013, who became COO of Kardashian West Brands before the two split in 2018, said she helped with everything from planning Kim’s schedule to doing laundry, booking trips to assembling the stroller, walking and pet grooming. Has done everything for the founder of SKIMS till cleaning the animals. From working on the launch of Kimoji, to comforting Kim after the Paris robbery in 2016, to managing Kim’s entire team. Simple routine for a celebrity PA. As Chris has said time and time again, “There are no holds barred. Every day is different, you never know what to expect and you have to be ready to change direction at a moment’s notice”, However great the experience was for Shepherd, the important thing is to always be available, competent, and friendly. Plus? According to what Refinery29 has learned, he is joining “One Big Extended Family” in which “Everyone who works for the Kardashian family is part of this little tribe: the assistant, the makeup artist, the housekeeper, the security. We give each other Christmas presents, all take care of the kids as if they were our own.” Be.”

How much does Kim Kardashian’s assistant make?

So, in short, in exchange for getting into the Kardashian world, you have to have sleepless nights, you have to work various jobs, you have to put up with their whims, you have to hide pregnancies, you have to hide the identity of the surrogate mother, you have to do damage control after another. Provide tweetstorms, crisis relief, and scandals, and you might just end up right behind Kourtney and Travis in the background of some Instagram snaps. Will the salary be at least sufficient? Well, not according to rumours. While there are rumors about how much a personal assistant earns, some former Kardashian employees have complained. For example, in 2017 there were rumors that salary may have been a factor in Kim Kardashian’s professional split from Stephanie Shepherd. “Kim paid Stephanie $65,000 a year. She had worked for Kim for three years without a pay raise and knew it was time to ask”An insider told Life & Style, claiming that Shepherd wanted another $20,000. So, is the price worth the candle?


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