“The extra ten must go away.” Jamala shared the details of her diet

Jamala on vacation (Photo: instagram.com/jamalajaaa)

According to Jamala, her diet is based on breastfeeding.

The 37-year-old singer on her Instagram page spoke about her diet and diet. Jamala, who is now resting in Egypt, is actively involved in sports and losing weight under the supervision of a doctor.

The star also revealed what her breakfast, lunch, and dinner looks like. Jamala’s diet includes vegetables, cereals, fish, nuts, and seafood.

“This time rest became a test of my willpower! “How so?” – you ask. “Victories, all achievements cannot be imagined without willpower. Do you really need another check? ” Oh yeah! The temptation lies in wait for us at every step, the choice is only ours. But at times you feel so weak, you feel so sorry for yourself, as no one in the whole world will regret! And yes, I’m talking about food. Sit on a diet and go to a hotel with insanely delicious cuisine, where sweets are in the mountains, where there is a sea of ​​a wide variety of dishes. Yes, I did. Very hard. True! Don’t forget that I am still breastfeeding. All breastfed mothers know that appetite is increased during this period of their life. Have I had breakdowns? Yes, small: a couple of pieces of watermelon, two strawberries, two dates. And yesterday I went with friends to a French restaurant and couldn’t resist the chocolate fondant! “, – wrote the artist.

Photo: instagram.com/jamalajaaa
Photo: instagram.com/jamalajaaa
Photo: instagram.com/jamalajaaa

According to Jamala, she plans to lose 10 kg. “My nutritionist supported me. She said that you shouldn’t dwell on this error. Worrying about irregularities for a long time will increase the hormone cortisol and will also affect weight gain. Therefore, we do not get hung up, but continue to adhere to the diet. After a little more than a week, we agreed that the extra ten should go away. And our agreement means a lot to me. My diet is formed according to my analyzes, taking into account breastfeeding and under the supervision of a doctor! ” , – summed up the star.

Recall that in the summer of 2020, Jamala became a mother for the second time. The singer gave birth to a son, Selim-Girai, from her husband Seit-Bekir Suleimanov. The couple also has the eldest son, Emir-Rahman, who was born in 2018.

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