The extraordinary resemblance of Ana de Armas with Marilyn Monroe


Finally have reached the images most expected of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Months after you know that the cuban actress was going to play the ambition blonde, the filming has begun. Weapons is in charge of interpreting the ill-fated actress in the adaptation of Netflix’s acclaimed novel Blonde, written by Joyce Carol Oates and directed by Andrew Dominik.

Ana de Armas, who has been photographed on the set of the shoot, you save a remarkable resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, a character that was already played in the film by Michelle Williams in My week with Marilyn, which earned him the Golden Globe for best actress, or by other actresses such as Killey Garner or Theresa Russell who gave life to the protagonist of With skirts and to the crazy, or The temptation lives above.


The film will follow in the footsteps of Norma Jeane Mortenson from the beginning and his first marriage until his death in 1962. Precisely the life of Marilyn was not a bed of roses and that in addition will feature Brad Pitt as a producer, that back to work with Dominik after you have produced the tapes The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford and Kill them gently.

Despite the fact that there was a time that sounded for the role names as well-known as the Naomi Watts or Jessica Chastain, finally it was Ana of Weapons chosen for this arduous task, as she herself confirmed the past month of June when published a photograph for the birthday of Monroe in his official account of Instagram.

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The actress that gave life to Carolina in The internship is today a renowned actress in Hollywood. His talent has impressed many filmmakers americans, being Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Goslin as a co-star his biggest box-office success for the time and Hands of Stone junto Robert de Niro, the artist will be the protagonist of the thriller Waiting for Helen, the last project that you have in your hands the actor and director, california Kevin Pollak, according to published Variety. Furthermore, just brand new Yesterday, Danny Boyle, and is pending release The Informer, Daggers in the back, con Chris Evans and Daniel Craig and The Night Clerk, next to Helen Hunt. Either you are missing projects in Hollywood for the next year: Wasp Network, to the side of Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramírez, Pedro Pascal and Gael Garcia Bernal, Sergio, The Night Clerkthe film number 25 of the James Bond saga, the title of which is No time to die, where he gives life to a Bond girl, and Blonde, that wheel currently.

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