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The eye makeup that has conquered Camila Cabello and Rosalía on the Latin Billboard

After a year of parenthesis, the season begins in style with the events that recover all the glamor from the red carpets. As they did before the 2020 break, these celebrations reveal the beauty trends that will soon triumph on the street: in Venice, the actresses and models wore guest hairstyles with the power to inspire women from 20 to 70 regardless of the length of their hair; at the MTV Music Video Awards revealed which is the quick and easy trick to hide dark circles, the jet lag or any other sign of tiredness; and now, Billboard Latin Music Awards point to eyeshadow shade that widens the gaze And the good news is that it feels just as good whatever the color of the iris. This is the makeup that has convinced Camila Cabello, Rosalía and Lucy Vives, the artist daughter of singer Carlos Vives.


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Camila Cabello and her smoky envelope

The tile red eyeshadow they have become the stars of the eye makeup of the Billboard Awards. Camila Cabello is one of the artists who has chosen them in harmony with her asymmetrical Elie Saab ruffled dress and matching lipstick. The interpreter of the new version of Cinderella demonstrates the power of definition that these types of colors have, halfway between burgundy and terracotta if they extend over the entire eye socket and are also applied under the lower lashes: the trick that completely frames the look with an immediate opening effect. What tip For a finish as pristine as that of the Cuban-American star, the experts create the entire look and then define the lower line by wiping it with a make-up remover wipe to achieve a perfect, straight slope.


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Rosalía’s soft look

Natural, luminous and with a touch of tile eyeshadow, Rosalía stepped on the carpet at the Florida event in a vibrant yellow look signed by Valentino. The Spanish is the perfect example that shades in a reddish key are not at all risky if they are used in small doses and applied only to the outer third of the gaze to define its shape and achieve a softened feline effect. Like Cabello, the singer also applies the tone on the lower eyelid, a gesture that hides fatigue and more if it is combined with the touch of metallic pigment that she wears on the corner of the tear duct.


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The red with ‘arty’ outline by Lucy Vives

She is not only the daughter of Carlos Vives, famous for songs like Hope color, the bike or Steal a kiss from youLucy Vives is also an artist and has just made her debut at the Billboard Awards with her father. They both took the stage to perform their new single, Kisses at any time, and Lucy previously posed on the red carpet with a smoky red and enveloping outline that revealed her creative streak.– Complete the look with two black dots placed under each eye, right in the center. As a detail that helps lift and widen the look, applying a metallic shadow under the arch of the eyebrow as she does is a trick famous for the lifting effect it achieves in the expression.

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