The face of pain Ashley Graham giving birth


Breast-feeding, changing diapers… Ashley Graham they live their first months of motherhood, and the model does not hide any of the facets that plays in this new stage. The model, who has shared always a discourse inclusive in terms of the different types of female bodies, has also not hesitated to take off the clothes and teach the world the consequences of a pregnancy: stretch marks, marks, sagging…

So, Ashley Graham has come back to surprise their followers with a stunning imagen taken just when the actress was in labour. The gesture of effort and pain is proportional to love the model has been professed by their small. Graham has shared to celebrate the strength of women in the International Women’s day.

“This is the face of my greatest effort. The most pain I have ever known and the greatest accomplishment that I have achieved. On this International Women’s Day, understand that regardless of any pain or trial that we have experienced as women, we are also strong, powerful and able to achieve greatness. Happy International Women’s Day! Let us celebrate today our strengths and those of others”


Motherhood does not understand times and places, in addition to that breastfeeding can be painful and tedious. Graham, you can not neglect your work commitments, take advantage of any time to use the pump and fill the bottle of your little one.

Away to regain your figure in record time -as they have done models like Irina Shayk, Helen Lindes or Rosanna Zanetti– Graham has shown how has been your body after nine months of pregnancy.