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The faces of Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner without retouching

In recent days, social networks exploded after circulating several photographs of the untouched faces of some famous women.

Many of the netizens were shocked by the physical appearance of Megan fox, Kendall jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, among other celebrities.

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It is no secret to anyone that most of these Hollywood celebrities They are shown with perfect skin in networks, but the truth is that they also have imperfections on their face.

On Instagram, six photos of international celebrities went around the world.

One of the snapshots shows a comparison of a photo of Megan fox where on the left side your face appears with retouching and on the right side, an image of your face without a filter.

The protagonist of “Transformers” showed her face “natural” and showing that she has the same imperfections as any other person, because there is no perfect skin, as many times they want to make you see.

The same happened with Kendall jenner and Jennifer Lopez who showed their skin exposed and open pores, expression lines, spots, among others, are evident.

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Megan Fox, Kendall Jenner, Jenni Lopez Unretouched Faces

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