the family celebrates the birthday of the Psalm, the smallest in the clan


One more day, a celebration for the family Kardashian-Jenner. And it is this Saturday, may 9, Psalm, the lesser of the four children of Kim Kardashian and the smallest of all the clan, celebrates its first year of life. As was expected, the family has turned to her love and good wishes to the tender baby, although on this occasion they had to do it at the distance, since due to the health emergency that spans the world, the celebrations are face-to-face have had to wait.



The first to congratulate Psalm, obviously it was his proud mother, who, through his profile on Instagram shared a sweet video in which you can see at the celebrated pose lying down on a mat, very comfortably, while outlining a huge smile. “IMy baby Psalm is 1 year today! Psalmy, your you completed our family, you do everything to be perfect. I love you very much! Happy birthday Paslm” wrote the entrepreneur in a publication with which has enternecido to his followers, who have also sent their congratulations to the small.

By his side, the grandmother of the Psalm, Kris Jenner, sent their congratulations to the youngest of the clan that she headed. “IHappy birthday to our sweet Psalm! You are the icing on our cake beautiful family and I love you… Thank you for that nice smile that you give me each time I see you. I am pleased with the day. My heart is so full of love for you… God bless you” he shared with the matriarch of the family, accompanying his message with a series of tender images of the small. Kourtney Kardashian he also sent his love a virtual for the bachelor through their social networks. “Happy birthday Psalm, beautiful child with that special energy”, he wrote.

Finally, Khloe shared a series of photo in Instagram Stories, which showed the tender relationship that they maintain their beautiful daughter True and the little Psalm. “Happy birthday to our TuTus Baby!” wrote the youngest of the Kardashian sisters on a beautiful image that appears in the True dressed as a mouse, hugging tenderly to his little cousin, who looks happy and very comfortable in the lap of the small.

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had planned for the first birthday party of her fourth son was more than spectacular, as is the case with everything they do. However, they will have to wait until the emergency passes and the world returns to normal -as far as possible, to return to get the whole family together in one place and celebrate the life of the smallest of the clan.