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The family that keeps their bitcoin on four continents – Technology News – Technology

Didi taihuttu and his wife decided to invest their entire fortune in 2017 bitcoin, when it was trading at around $ 900 (today it is trading at over $ 47,000).

Now, the couple move all their money in vaults located in secret locations around the world.

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I don’t even think giving up materialism and living in a camp can be considered a step back, but it definitely took us 100 steps forward.

The family, which calls itself nomadic, has distributed its fortune in two locations in Europe, two in Asia and one in Australia.

“I don’t even think giving up materialism and living in a camp can be considered a step backward, but it definitely took us 100 steps forward,” Taihuttu states on his Instagram.

The vaults are called “cold”, because unlike most servers to store this currency, they are not connected to the internet, which reduces the risk of being victims of cyber fraud.

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Although the value of their fortune is not known, the “bitcoin family”, as it is known, ensures that not all their assets are stored cold, as a percentage of their cryptocurrencies It is on platforms like Coinbase, which are connected to the internet.

According to the father of the Taihuttu, this is a risk portfolio used for small operations and daily expenses.

For the capital in bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, which is located in cold, the family must move to these vaults to be able to withdraw it. Otherwise, there is no way to access it.

The family has a book on the market called ‘The Bitcoin Family’, which has already been published in English and German.


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